Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rolex Watches and James Bond

Despite the fact that they can be picked up for very attractive prices nowadays, Rolex watches are still associated with luxury and the best of the best. It was for this reason that Sean Connery would come to wear a Rolex during the filming of the first James Bond film, Dr No.

The efficiency and style of Rolex watches made them the obvious choice for Ian Fleming’s notorious character, but there was actually a problem getting one for Dr No. Rolex, not knowing how successful Bond would be, refused to give the film company a watch for free for the movie, so producer Cubby Broccoli lent his own Rolex Submariner on black crocodile strap to Connery for filming.

Following the success of Dr No Rolex were more than happy to supply as many Rolex watches as were necessary for the following movies and the Rolex Submariner ended up appearing in eight of them.

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