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Luminescence in Diamond-Replica Watches

There are many factors that influence the color appearance of colorless to light yellow diamond. General view of the color of polished diamonds may be related to results from a combination of factors such as shape, size, proportions dramatically in body color and the position and the light in which it is viewed. Undergoing radiation Ultra Violet, some diamonds can emit fluorescence due to the presence of submicroscopic structures in diamonds. There may be different fluorescence color of the diamond, but dark blue is the most common. The reaction of diamonds under ultraviolet light, is the identification of specific reports on the quality of classification. Other sources of light such as fluorescent lamps or even sunlight, and contain less than UV radiation.

Fluorescence is nothing but the emission of light materials such as diamond when it is stimulated by higher energy X-rays, ultraviolet rays or other forms of radiation. This will continue only until the material is exposed to radiation. Depending on viewing conditions and observers with visual perception, reaction of diamond wavelength ultraviolet light can be changed in tone and strength. Both colorless and colored diamonds can shine some nuances, usually blue, yellow, orange and white. Some blue diamond may glow red in the short UV, while others like pink can glow bright orange.  

These differences may arise or traces of impurities (mainly nitrogen and boron, probably hydrogen), or other submicroscopic defects in the crystal structure of diamond.

Although yellow fluorescence and fear, but the study of diamonds from the blue fluorescence is based on the primacy of these diamonds, and the difficulty of finding a sufficient number of fluorescent yellow-stone to conduct parallel investigations. Diamonds with very strong blue fluorescence and a distinctive thick or opaque appearance, often referred to as overblues. However, they are even more rare than diamonds with yellow fluorescence.

Appearance of the environment, less opportunity to monitor compliance with variables that can affect the color of the diamond type. Typical examples are: informal color correction to G-Z's diamonds; monitoring of color appearance, made during the diamond, purchased or sold, and jewelry buying public like a diamond, you may receive when wearing jewelry . Here, the diamond is considered the crown tableup in aspects where sharp style is a greater effect on color perception.

Effect of fluorescence color is particularly noticeable in the lower colors, although the market impact on prices is the higher tones. Unlike the notion held by many in the trade, fluorescent diamonds are not as sharp as nonfluorescent stones. The study also challenges in terms of trade that fluorescence normally has a negative effect on the best colored diamonds.Luminescence in Diamond

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