Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Watch Rolex

1. The Nautilus – Known as the classic and elegant sports watch, the Patek Philippe Nautilus watch was introduced in 1976 and modeled after the universal shape of a porthole found in most maritime vessels. The Nautilus symbolizes a strong design with unmatched personality and has become one of the most sought-after pieces in the Patek Philippe collection. The Nautilus collection features new Patek Philippe watches showcasing the flattering redesign of Patek Philippe while maintaining the original spirit of what made the Swiss watchmaker celebrated in the first place.

2. Golden Ellipse Watches – The birth of Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Watches in 1968 inspired one of the best chapters of horological history. The unique blend of simplicity and purity with boldness and formality has made Golden Ellipse Watches of the most instantly recognized creations of Patek Philippe. The elliptical design was inspired by the golden number, a ratio discovered more than 2,000 years ago. Perfectly balanced and visually agreeable, the features of the Golden Ellipse Watches have made it a flagship of the Patek Philippe collection and are certainly perfect for all kinds of occasions.

3. Grand Complication Watches – As stated earlier, complications are features that go beyond just telling the time and date. Complicated watchmaking is therefore the supreme test of watchmaking skills and expertise. Patek Philippe Grand Complication Watches are the result of masterful horological dedication and work, and are one of the world’s most complicated timepieces.

4. Exceptional Watches – Included in Patek Philippe’s collection of Exceptional Watches are the 5002P-Platinum and the Star Caliber 2000G. The Sky Moon Tourbillon Ref.5002 is considered the most omplicated watch ever produced by Patek Philippe. It features a minute repeater with tourbillon escapement, a front side perpetual calendar, a reverse side sidereal time, and a case diameter of 42.8mm, just to name a few. The Star Caliber 2000G, on the other hand, is an enchanting pocket watch that results from eight years of painstaking research and development. Patek Philippe takes pride in the Star Caliber 2000G as pushing the limits of horological firmament. Six patents have been filed with the creation of this extraordinary mechanism, making it one of the most complicated pocket watches in history.