Monday, November 22, 2010

What's so special about a Rolex

Rolex watches have a history of unparalleled when it comes to watching the production, and the company is responsible for many innovations in today's wristwatch, water resistant case, and the mechanism of self-winding watch to see with a On the first dial saw two time zones at once to show, the first makers to gain chronometer certification for a wristwatch. To date, Rolex still holds the record for the most certified chronometer movements in the category of watches.

Rolex carefully check every part and every movement in every eye, and perform rigorous testing in the final prodiuct.

Rolex watches not their value, which is a godsend to lose if you happen to fall into a difficult situation finantial, you're sure that most of your money back.

Earnings from Rolex donated to charity, when the company founder Hans Wilsdorf died, a foundation is created that controls are Rolex and profits generated by Rolex donated to various charities.

Rolex Collection

The extent of fall into three categories Rolex watches, Oyster continued, Professional and Cellini.

Perle continued

The most popular and sought after Rolex Series watch is a masterpiece of modern engineering and precision craftmaship uninterrupted Oyster was the first time in 1926 and was the first watch to be completely airtight, dustproof and waterproof and is known to survive some very extreme conditions, without missing a single second, made it to the top of Mount Everest, and finally the Pacific and even in 500 degrees and bake in an oven without a tick survive tick.

continuous range of watches include, Day Date, Explorer II, Yacht Master, Data Only, submariner, Ladies Date Just Lady Date Just Pearl Master, Master GMT II and Cosmographia Daytona

Rolex Professional

Has all the features of uninterrupted oyster, but it is considered more an hour for everyday wear, where the oyster is more than a casual be professional Range aimed at business class looks and is a must have item for pure professional.

Professional Range includes Rolex Explorer, Explorer II, GMT Master, Daytona, Milgauss, Sea, Yacht Master, Yacht Master II, and submariner.

Rolex Cellini

Rolex Cellini is known as the watch worn on special occasions or dress can be seen, although the characteristics are the same Cellini is a smart look and design is best worn in formal occasions rather than everyday use.

Rolex Celini Range includes Cellinium, quartz, Cellissima, Prince, Danaos, Cestello and Orchid.

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